Alessiah – Summer Feeling

Summer Feeling indeed! The new release of Romanian singer/songwriter Alessiah has an original fresh and crisp approach that both feels warm and soft. With a defefnsive melodic backing, the track has this perfect shimmer attached that you’d normally see (and feel) around a beach bar at night. The chosen rhythm is energetic enough to build a certain drive but to not ‘push’ the tune forward.

Yet what tops all of this are the magnificent vocals. They’re done relaxed with perfect amount of fragility, softness and this one of a kind emotional texture. They’re perfectly at home in this warm and sunny atmosphere, telling about the magnificent moment in our life when summer arrives. Seriously, this makes me wanna pack my bags, report sick at work and just fly anywhere where there’s sun, beach and the opportunity to create new and lasting memories.

This tune triggers feelings that are not to be found in everyday life, and that’s what fascinates me about it. It creates something like a recreational space in the head of the listener. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Summer will come.

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Florian Maier

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