YEOMAN – Dug The Grave

Revolving around the theme of love, heartbreak and loss, the newest release of U.K producer/DJ YEOMAN creates a special crystalline environment. Due to the vulnerable fragile female vocals used, the track is connected to a unique emotional vibe. And once I got used to the track being a soft melancholic ballad, I was in for treat.

I didn’t see this transition come at all. Building with percussive elements, there’s a signature tension happening, that finally unloads in an unexpected burst of groove and drive. With an unreal electro arrangement, the track seamlessly switches gears, creating a dark driven energetic vibe in which the vocals lose most of their fragility, switching to a straightforward assertive style. And that’s where the goosebumps come into play. It’s something you didn’t see (in this case: hear) coming, a vibe change that happens within seconds back and fourth.

“Dug The Grave” is one of the rare tracks that combine feeling and groove to an atmosphere that gets very close to the emotion it tries to picture. The heartbreaking element switching between giving-in and not-going-down-that-easily is created perfectly, with the atmosphere hosting these unique lonely textures. This tune speaks out of the heart and soul of everyone who found him/herself in this situation. In my opinion, electro containing THIS emotional honesty should be named “Emoctro”.

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Florian Maier

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