Kult Eviction – Losing Team

Teaming up with multitalent ambr lowe, this bedroom pop tune by Kult Eviction holds a perfect balance between energy and emotion.

For some reason, the tune reminds me of a butterfly finding its way through nature. The defensive drive happening through the steady rhythm, along those synth textures filling the room, create a dreamy atmosphere that keeps just enough tension to not let “losing team” sound too linear or weak. Done this way, the track is attached to a unique moody vibe. And of course, this vibe is further built by those soft vocals of ambr lowe.

There’s something really addictive attached to her voice, it’s a mix of vulnerability and melancholy that is hard to describe. I guess that’s where the butterfly comes in, this fascinating creature finds its way against all odds, yet it also seems so fragile and vulnerable at the same time.

Listening to this soft melodic tune, it feels relaxing while it builds this signature slow groove. I love this ever-knowing vibe connected to the melodies. Combined with some unexpected percussive extras, breaks and processed elements, the track instantly sticks to your head. Being captain of the losing team never felt more addictive.

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