Elsdeer – Ten Years Time

In an extraordinary fragile and vulnerable setting, the new release of Berlin based musician Denise Dombrowski, better known as Elsdeer, floods the room with unfiltered emotion. Backed by a soft strummed guitar and minimal bass elements, the track feels very familiar. It’s like the thoughts and feelings that have always been here, and in a way, the track manages to remind us about those feelings even when they haven’t been felt for a while.

Dedicated to the father of the singer/songwriter, who passed away ten years ago, the lyrics tell the story in a unique fashion. Anyone who lost a dear one instantly can relate to the vibe that “Ten Years Time” transmits. While life just continues relentlessly, we’re looking back to those who are not with us anymore, and we do so with a mixture of grief, gratitude and hard learned lessons of life. I love the fact that this tune isn’t just a melancholic heavy-hearted ballad; it rather acknowledges the fact that death is yet another part of life. By doing so, the tune gets a positive aura, far from lightweight, yet connected to a signature “it’s okay” vibe.

This track aims for the heart with a very shy approach. The vulnerable vocals don’t want to force their story on you, they just offer a bit of experience and heartfelt emotions as sort of a ‘trigger’ to reflect on your own path, and to think about those who you have lost along the way. And alongside the melodic, floating melodies, this trigger is the beauty of Elsdeer’s new single.

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