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Katie Belle – Now That I Know

Hear that? With a special mixture of energetic, sassy and playful vibes, the new release of American singer/songwriter Katie Belle fills the room with a totally new mood. Forget about happy. Forget about sad, or melancholic. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a new mood called ‘Belleancholy’.

With those plucked strings and a rhythm set that feels almost like a hunter that is stalking its prey, the track makes clear that it’s not your daily sad bop. The track carries a certain energy that is loaded with confidence, and because of this energy it backs the story of the song perfectly. Being a classic “end of story” theme, the track uses a lush and relaxed groove along enchanting soft and confident vocals. Supported by additional vocal chops, the tune gets a really mysterious vibe that lets the tune always stay in a very playful atmospheric setting.

Katie Belle has the gift of storytelling with flawless addictive vocals. She blends a certain soulful vibe with energetic sassy and crisp overtones. This is also shown in other tracks, like her 2021 released tune “Daughter” where you can feel the soulful emotion and fragility in every note. Yet there’s also this signature melodic component present, making her voice stand out in the industry. In my opinion, it’s music like hers that leave a mark out there.

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