Down South Pepper Band – Son of a Gun

Damn. They don’t play music like this anymore. Oh wait, they do! Be prepared for honest, handmade rockin’ wisdom delivered with a smile, courtesy of Norwegian band known as DSP band.

One of the intriguing facts about this track is that it feels Down South indeed – but not necessarily Down South in Norway! If you had given me a pin to pinpoint the origin of this honest, handmade americana anthem, I probably would have put the pin way more to the west of Norway. You know, way-over-the-pond-west.

The relaxed but energetic rock tune feels authentic all the way. With skilled guitars, and those vocals that have seen and heard everything by now, the track carries not only this undeniable drive that makes you sing and dance along, but also this special life lesson undertone. “Son of a Gun” not only contains groove, but also a mindful message.

And THIS is what music is about, right. You just can hear the guys of DSP band are staying true to themselves, they love what they do, and they are doing it with both a skilled routine, and a charismatic way of adapting this original country-rooted style and adding their fun-soaked wisdom to it.

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