Taxiway – Prime Meridian

Nashville based trio Taxiway are aiming for the heart and soul with this tune. Taking from the album “Absence” which was released back in 2021, the track instantly creates a very unique atmosphere. Filled with warm textures in a very relaxed scenery, the track connects to your heart for its soft and understanding approach.

Ever saw the first rays of light hitting the horizon? Maybe visited a forest just before sundown? Or maybe you watched a city slowly coming to life in the very early morning hours? There’s this special vibe present in those scenarios that feels innocent, fresh and guiltless. And it’s exactly this feeling that is present in many of the tracks of Taxiway. With “Prime Meridian” it’s no different.

Revolving around wanderlust with a narrator who dreams of traveling abroad, the track has this signature styled melancholy attached, feeling both adventurous and cautious, filled with dreams, hopes and a special knowledge that whatever will come, will come eventually. I just love this honesty and warmth being transmitted through the defensive guitar textures along those pristine sophisticated vocals. In fact, all of the used ingredients give the track a very genuine appeal. And done this way, the tune allows the listener to dream along.

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