Hutchie – Unanticipated Grays

Being about treading lightly on those who have been hurt in the past, the new release of Seattle based trio Hutchie is more like a life lesson instead of “just” a track. With a certain fresh drive, the track has this certain positive aura that transmits both wisdom and the desire to sing and dance along. The vocals are carrying this special confident and sassy component that makes them ultra-believable, and very much at home in the guitar and drums based backing.

And then, of course, there is the video alongside the tune. I honestly don’t find the right words for that, you gotta see it for yourself. I found myself caught between smiling, laughing and just enjoying the story at hand, even though it’s very … uhm… panda-emic.

With this track being the first single off an uncoming full-fledged album called “Some Other Way”, this tune is an exciting teaser for what’s to come. With an attitude and mindset like this, it’s really not a question if Hutchie will go far with what they create.

Find out more about Hutchie here:

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