Estella Dawn – Buzzcut

Don’t you just love the groove-soaked lush way in which Estella Dawn gift-wraps the messages of her songs? Well, I do. Once again delivering a topic in this signature-styled intensity, the new release of New Zealand born, US based pop artist Dawn takes you on a fast-paced ride filled with soulful melodies, and a rhythm that will make you move no matter what.

Being about holding your shape when embarking on a new relationship, “Buzzcut” encourages you to stay true to yourself, to not change just because you think it’s something that is expected from you. And this falls right into the list of things the artist is all about, the advice of the tune is taken out of the personal arsenal of Dawn. She won’t back down, she won’t change for anyone, whe does her thing whether you like it or not. That’s her style. Therefore, this track transmits a unique confidence along those soulful vocals, and along this certain energy flowing in between the single backing instruments. All in all, this driving optimistic groove is as much a life lesson as it is a danceable pop song.

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