Frank Hermes – Lieblingsatemzug

Filled with passion, emotion and a desperate need to explain and express feelings, the new release of german pop rocker Frank Hermes blends time, space and an intense mood. As the pictures in the accompanying video do, the several feelings merge seamlessly, creating a melancholic and upright atmosphere that is driven by love and a certain desire to express everything that may be hidden in the depths of the heart.

What makes this tune stand out before others is the intensity of how the message is transmitted. No need to understand the language, everything about “Lieblingsatemzug” mre or less bleeds passion and emotion. With melancholic backing textures and honest vocals, the tune is a well balanced love song that also contains a lonely vibe, as if the tune was afraid to lose everything by opening heart and soul too much.

And its exactly this core vibe that fascinates me. We all know how it feels to be lovesick, but this tune makes you experience how it feels to be lost for words when it comes to explaining how much the other means to you. With relationships of any kind containing several nuances of moodsets, this track presents almost all of those nuances.

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