Estella Dawn – Salt

The new release of New Zealand born, US based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn holds a fine balance between melancholy, frustration, but also optimism, fighting spirit and a huge amount of it’s-my-time-now.

With a defensive, kind of dark approach, the track describes hitting rock bottom. When the weight of the world feels like crushing down on you, when all the frustration, anger, and self-pity washes over you like a giant wave, it’s this critical point when the message of this song is born. You gotta love the fact that the situation isn’t downplayed, not with the lyrics nor with the melodies. Yet at the same time there’s this point where it’s time to stand up. You suffered enough. Time to fight back and show ’em, even when it just starts by letting it all out. And when a track is able to create this goosebump moment, the moment where it’s time to stand up and fight – that’s where music does what it can do best: it triggers feelings.

Estella Dawn is a master when it comes to triggering emotions with her works. There’s always this soulful honesty present in ther tracks. Those tracks are a mixture of hard learned lessons, as well as sassiness to take on the whole world if necessary, topped with a big serving of ‘you-ve seen nothing yet’. And it’s this unique mix that makes her music so irresistible.

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