John DiStase Music – Eleven Days After

The new release of John DiStase stands as a genre-fluid tune that only has a polite smile for boundaries or rules. I’d even go so far to say that the work of the american multi-instrumentalist is ‘born wild and free’. Listening to “Eleven Days After”, you’ll understand what I mean with that. With a floating, almost ambient kind of atmospheric backing, the track builds a dreamy scenario at the beginning. But wait…is it really dreamy? As soon as there’s a rhythm added, the merged guitar melodies feel like they are coming to life. Not fully unleashing their full force, they add to the melodic scenario, yet indicate this badass rock component that eventually shows up. Wait, there’s Rock in what just was called “dreamy scenario”?

With this blending of different styles, with using every component he wants or seems fitting, John DiStase creates his own and unique melodic style that stands out. I’ll describe it as “willingly tamed”, it’s a defensive approach that holds itself back intentionally to fit in. Yet it doesn’t fit into a main category or genre, no. Telling its story in this sophisticated way, this tune somehow exists everywhere on the full scale of genres.

And let’s be honest for a sec, with any mainstream genre being exploited with thousands of new tracks on a daily basis, it’s music like THIS that will leave a mark. It’s music with this special wild and free attitude.

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