Silona – Course Of Life

Love can be, and eventually will be, painful. Either we alrady experienced it, or we will. But I don’t want to talk about this topic in detail. Instead, I let the outstanding Tel Aviv based singer/songwriter Silona tell you about it.

Backed by a defensive piano theme, the soft and silky vocals of singer/songwriter Silona feel… just free. They feel as I imagine a bird feels when flying. Sorry for that somewhat strange picture, but there’s a huge amount of lightweight and passionate vibe going on while Silona handles a topic not-so-lightweight at all. But yet I love the contrast of those airy, almost playful vocals and the sad, intense theme of the song. It creates an environment in which you are forced to think about what is happening. I’d even go so far to say that you are encouraged to reflect of your own situation. Of what you are doing in your relationship.

While the soft and smooth theme continues, there are further elements added to the track, ranging from a very defensive rhythm to arpeggiated synth melodies and guitar tracks, filling the song with substance, yet the focus stays on those beautiful fragile vocals like a sharp spotlight. I somehow felt lost while listening, I guess it’s because Silona is a master in transmitting her feelings through her music. Doing so, you reached your goal as a musician in my opinion. If emotions feel as real as in “Course Of Life”, it’s because they ARE real.

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