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Julian Petrin – Les folies

There’s a very significant and special positive energy woven into the melodies of Julian Petrin’s track “Les folies”. As lightweight arpeggios are blended with a open sky-ish scenario, you can almost breathe in the fresh air seaside while watching the kids having fun outside. With the support of a swinging relaxed rhythm setting, the main piano transmits a certain kind of easy-going lifestyle. Merged with a defensive backing, the track has this mature aura, while at the same time being youth- and playful.

And it’s this certain blend of vibes that makes this track unique. It’s like the song would tell you to leave the stress at work, to not think about sorrow nor pain, instead to just relax, to enjoy life, and to know that somewhere down the road the sun will shine, and there won’t be any clouds on the steel blue sky.

As you can read from my description, for me the track feels very close in touch with nature, transmitting all of the colours, the scents, and everything else there is to take in. Keeping a certain tension at all times, the track stays in motion, feeling like a leisure walk in summer. With spring (hopefully) around the corner, for me this track is a perfect forecast for what there is to come.

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