5ON5 – Don’t Dance

There’s a unique smooth groove attached to the new release of Berlin based quartet 5ON5. The sound feels like silk, creating a soft and majestic vibe through calm vocals, defensive synth backing melodies, and a steady relaxed rhythm set. While the tune contains a dense energy, keeping the tune under tension from start to finish, it also contains this chilled retrolectro element that brings a certain vintage shimmer to the table.

I love the relaxed style in which the tune delivers. While soulful vocals create a signature warmth, there are sparkling synth melodies happening, getting some playfulness into the scenery. The unique mix of different vocal styles and effect chains feel as if the listener would ride an elevator through several levels of style and groove. Yet somehow the guys of 5ON5 managed to blend those styles so seamlessly that “Don’t Dance” won’t feel like several styles just glued together. It’s more a smooth transition between chapters of a book called ‘lush groove’.

And that’s why this tune is awesome. It’s a smooth multitalent, located somewhere in between chillout, pop and soul, blended with electro, rap, and dance. Since there’s no way to categorize this track with the standard genres, this tune needs a new one. I’m going to call it ‘5vibe’.

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