Skinny Dippers – Through Tryin’

Taken from the upcoming album “The Town & The City”, this track contains an addictive mix of retro-flavored handmade elements and soothing vocals. In a very relaxed nonchalant fashion, the track tells its story in a soft environment that feels alive and contains a signature styled retro drive.

Describing a yearning for something more than drunken New York nights and a half baked relationship gone wrong, the track somehow manages to spread wisdom in a unique floaty fashion. The track’s atmosphere blends a big room with intimate thoughts and feelings, it blends energy and drive with lush textures and a cool vibe. And that’s the secret ingredient of “Through Tryin'”, it’s this special blend of groove and feel. The tune reminds me of a brand new cocktail in a bar you found on your way through the city at night. You never heard of the location, nor of the cocktail they offer there – but both are awesome. Plus you have the strange feeling that you’ve been here before.

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