Joe’s Groove Huddle – Strong

Alright folks, time to step on the pedal. The new release of Joe’s Groove Huddle brings a lot to the table, but mainly it’s awesome old-fashioned rockin’ energy.

The song starts pretty low key with a classic setting, drawing energy from its down-to-earth storytelling capabilities. With driving distorted guitars, smacking rhythm patterns and straightforward energetic vocals, the track builds kind of a campfire atmosphere to deliver. Once you sit down, the tune tells its story in a sophisticated and passionate way. Taking its time, the track changes pace between the rather calm verses and the kickass chorus sections along the creamy guitar solo, where all the energy is released that you can feel lurking in the shadows.

And it’s exactly this energy what makes me play the song on repeat. The story builds slowly, taking its time, until the boiling point is reached. And every time I here such a classic tune, I’m thinking “damn. I thought they wouldn’t do classy music like this anymore”. Fortunately, tunes like this one are proving me wrong, taking me years back while restoring my faith in nowadays rock scene.

In these times, soaked with news, fake news, filters and autotune (yes, unfortunately this is still a thing out there), you gotta love this retro-flavoured honesty “Strong” transmits. This tune takes its stand, it doesn’t want to impress with shiny extras no one needs in handmade rock anyway. It’s just honest storytelling. Basically what great rock is all about.

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Florian Maier

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