Natalie Jean – I’m Done

Okay, I admit it: I’m addicted. Hopelessly addicted to the sparkling electro groove of one of the younger releases of Kensington based multi-genre multitalent Natalie Jean.

From the first seconds on, there’s this playful mysterious spark present in the track. With uplifting melodies, those soulful vocals of Jean tell their story in a refreshing way, both emotional and energetic. Being backed by a soft groove that switches gears seamlessly to all of a sudden turn this tune into a main floor dance anthem, the track breaks boundaries as it heads off full speed.

And this is what I love most about “I’m Done”, it’s the several facettes of the tune. It’s emotional during the verse parts, yet unveils addictive vocal chops and synth stabs to make this tune a break-free uplifting mover. Being about knowing when it’s time to let certain friendships go, the tune perfectly pictures this turning point in relationships. We all experienced it before, there’s this pivotal “click” moment in many friendships, where it’s do or die. Beautifully crafted, the song describes just that: letting go of the old situation to make room for a new one. And although you’re heading into unknown territory from there on, this track lets you know that it’s not the end, usually it’s the beginning of something new and beautiful.

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