Luna Keller – No Man’s Land

With an unreal amount of emotion and passion, the new release of German based singer/songwriter Luna Keller tells the story about the fact that you don’t have to have it all figured out and learning to believe in yourself.

There’s a signature honesty present in this tune (and most of the other tunes of the talented singer). With a defensive backing that contains just enough drive and energy to get the tune a positive attitude, the track acknowledges everything it takes to get to where you want to be. What I really love about “No Man’s Land” is its melodic and understanding approach. Everything about the track, from instrument tracks to vocals to flawless soft mix, tells the listener that it’s okay and part of the process to make mistakes, to feel lost sometimes and to not feel down when things go south. With such an emotional base, the song transmits the signature old soul of the not-so-old singer.

We all gain experience as we go, right. And no matter if those experiences are good or bad ones, they make us who we are. And in a way, this is exactly what this tune tells me. You’ll find a steady rhythm along partly melancholic elements, yet also positive ones, alternating just like the ups and downs we are facing while continue walking on whatever path we choose to walk on.

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