Mia Mormino – Pour Another

This is it. The last of the seven deadly sin-gles. And it’s a fulminant finale of all those amazing songs. This time, the melodic scenery takes places in an almost cold and unforgiving scenario that has these icy groove ornaments attached. With a quite defensive backing concept, the tune feels methodical enough to keep the vibe in a very cool and careless area, which backs the story of the tune perfectly.

The vocals are a thing of beauty as always. Yet this time there’s this signature sassiness added, which is very hard to describe, but it can even easier be felt. And once again, as in “Building Blocks” or “Showtime” (my two other favourites), the video coming along the tune is a detailed work of art. If you have a closer look, in this track, nothing is a coincidence. From cold groove, to lyrics, to custom labels on the bottles, everything is carefully crafted and refined to this outstanding outcome named “Pour Another”. You just can tell that the whole topic and message has a deeper meaning to the outstanding singer/songwriter, otherwise she wouldn’t have taken care of every single detail in the tune.

With this track being the last of the sin-gles, it’s almost a sad end we’re talking about here, because I loved the whole concept of those tracks. Yet the good thing is that I guess we really have seen or heard nothing from the skilled multitalent yet. With the new year right at the front door, my guess is that there are already a ton of new ideas circling in her head. Can’t wait to see and hear what’s next.

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