Stacey Jackson – Flipside

Being about taking risks and being true to yourself, the new release of multitalent Stacey Jackson hits the ball out of the park, so to speak. With a unique retro-textured synth atmosphere along a disco-ish rhythm, the track creates a clean and crisp scenery that revolves around the flawless vocals of Jackson. Those vocals have a special ingredient attached that I’d like to describe as “understanding emotional clarity”. They are done emotional and passionate, but not too driving. Done this way, they blend perfectly into this unique mix of retro and futuristic “neon glow” elements.

I love that “Flipside” contains a signature styled groove that turns out as a multitalent for most of the playlists out there. The tune is perfect for workouts, late night driving home, to sing along to, or even for cleaning the place with a smile on your face while singing along. (in my case, without hitting one note correctly, but I really don’t care as long as the neighbors won’t call the police.)

Stacey Jackson really is a Jill of all trades. Being a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, TV presenter, writer & mother of four, there’s really not much she hasn’t accomplished yet, and I bet that we have seen nothing yet. She’s one of those true creative souls out there, who simply cannot be confined by any limits. She puts her heart and soul out there with an unbelievable amount of drive and passion, and this can easily be felt throughout her work.

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