Scooped Up! – Dislexic

THIS. This is the sound I grew up with. And who would’ve thought that, I still love it. Why wouldn’t I? You have this signature drive happening, blended with a huge portion of “so what” and a punkrock vibe that brings back a lot of memories.

A huge thing to mention is: Jimmy, Leo, and Jesse do all of the band related stuff by themselves. Jep. This is DIY at its best. And the result is a clear, youthful driving sound that’ll take you back around twenty years ago, telling a story of how two people can have feelings for each other but neither of them know it. The mighty unawareness of the signs. We all know it. Been there, done that.

Along the tune there’s this video coming along that really deserves its own credit. I love the fun approach and the seemingly minimal effort. (which in fact was a lot of work, make no mistake about it.) In times like these we all need this energetic and sassy push every now and then, don’t we. Presented with this fun approach, “Dislexic” gets you through the day when times a rough. Plus it brings back a sound that is not heard that often anymore out there.

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