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Counting Chances – Bridges Fall

When you feel like intensity is rising, when there’s this special tension in the air like something special is about to happen – then you entered the home of the new release of Counting Chances. What attracted me most right away is the unique combination of both energetic driving guitars and rhythm patterns along calm and thoughtful melodies. And I love the fact that this isn’t necessarily the kind of music coming from Counting Chances. Being at home usually more in the emotional downtempo sector of the music universe, the artist shows the full skill set by changing the genre just like this.

Ever had a very busy day at work? Sure you have. Everyone has. A thousand things to do, yet you have the confidence that you can do it. Every task that is thrown at you gets solved like you own the place, and after a while you are getting in the zone. What is really exhausting can be a very rewarding at the end of the day. And in a way, this is what kind of a scenery “Bridges Fall” paints for me. There’s a certain confidence woven into the tune, and while the track puts on energy and content through those guitar melodies and the piano textures in the back, the track gets this special “in control vibe”.

Long story short – this, folks, is my new personal “I’ll show them” anthem. It gets you a driving, optimistic mindset and a slight sunglasses-at-night attitude.

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