Basil Babychan – Transient

It doesn’t happen too often that a track feels both so wholesome and fragile at the same time. With an atmosphere that is carefully crafted with synth textures along playful piano melodies and a soft yet determined rhythm construct, the track opens the door to a completely different world for a couple of minutes. It’s time to lean back, to close your eyes and to let the honest and nurturing melodies take care of your soul.

The new release of Indo-Dutch artist Basil babychan carefully reflects on several aspects of existence in my opinion. With the tune combining both very vulnerable and single-minded elements, ‘Transient’ gets this bright positive aura which feels free and lightweight, yet there’s also a certain melancholy woven in, indicating that this isn’t just another chillout instrumental track, but there’s a deeper meaning connected to it. With it’s floating concept, the tune creates sort of a canvas for your mind without restricting your thoughts with rules or boundaries. In the end, it’s this widespaced ‘glow’ that makes this track such an outstanding piece of art. The music of Babychan just amplifies what already lies in all of us.

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