The Soap Girls – Heart In Bloom

This tune feels unique. It’s a multifaceted mix of past and present, of rock and pop, of dirt and style, drive and mood.

Being released back in 2020 already, this timeless tune rocks any year. With a guitar based backing that changes gears seamlessly between verse and chorus parts, the stage is all set for these awesome vocals holding a perfect balance between melancholy, innocence, fragility, and self-awareness. What makes ‘Heart in Bloom’ so intriguing is its versatile nature. As if the girls just threw several ideas and styles in a blender, you’ll find slight retro-flavored elements in the tune, as well as driving well-polished melodic outbursts from nowadays. With the vocals merging perfectly in this setting, and coming with a visual artistically enhanced by color filters and shadow shots, the track is a flawless emotional description of heartache that contains a positive spirit embedded in both the lyrics and the energy woven into the song.

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Florian Maier

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