Adora Odili – Picking Up Flowers Inside

With a signature lush and relaxed atmosphere, the new release of Germany based singer/songwriter Adora Odili takes you to a special place called “groove”.

Yes. Odili knows what she is doing. Building that certain scenery where there’s a blend of jazzy elements to be found all over the place, ‘Picking Up Flowers Inside’ is the embodiment of soulful music. There are lots of little things happening in the track that add tension and excitement without getting too much drive into the main theme. The track contains those chilled components that feel somewhat unrefined, yet because of this raw and edgy style, the track also gets an very honest appeal. And in the end it’s this honesty that attracts me most. Listening to this track, you’ll find yourself slowly grooving along, while the soulful and calm vocals tell their story in a warm and feelable fashion.

After the release of her album ‘The Simple Life’ in 2020, and now her newest track, one thing is crystal clear to me: in the sound of Odili, you’ll always find one thing, and that’s a huge load of emotion and passion. The signature soulful vocals are wrapped in warm and relatable sceneries, while the music take you to this groove-packed peaceful place.

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