ID MUSEUM – I’m Just a Man

This is the most expressive electro anthem I’ve heard in a while. Although the sound feels defensive and soft (and therefore probably won’t be labeled as an ‘anthem’ often out there), there’s this special intensity hidden in between the melodic components and the honest vocals. What starts somewhat lost and lonely, slowly but steadily builds a whole galaxy of elements in constant motion. The arpeggios happening are playful but not hectic, while the vocals add a feelable hopeless vibe which fits perfectly in the created atmosphere.

‘I’m Just a Man’ has unexpected storytelling abilities to offer. The track creates full-blown sceneries in my head, from a deserted hotel room to standing on mountain top looking up to the skies, there’s a vast amount of pictures and feelings present which are not just transmitted by the vocals but also by the soft synth constructs. I love the careful way in which every element was placed in the tune. Any object, from bass line to every percussive one-shot, everything was designed to exist in this awesome atmospheric scenery built by the track. A well-rounded mix from start to finish is like the ribbon on the present. Long story short: this is intelligent electro that can be felt on all levels, reminding us to not reject but embrace our emotions.

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Florian Maier

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