Diablo Swing Orchestra – War Painted Valentine

Time to gear up, folks. This is going to be intense. What contains a strong message is gift-wrapped in driving rock and presented with a twist, to say the least.

In their words, the guys of Swedish band Diablo Swing Orchestra created “a song about a world in turmoil all while our leaders make their best to sound like a hen house”. This is accurate, but gives nothing away of what treat you are in as a listener and even moreso, as a viewer of the video that comes with the tune. This track spans a bridge between artistic videography, multi-facetted expression and intense musical storytelling. Not for the weak-hearted, this much is for sure. I just love what the track threw at me. I didn’t see any of it coming to be honest. Ever went to a sneak preview of a movie and left the cinema with eyes wide open and this typical oh.my.god-expression on your face? That’s pretty much what this tune did for me. Highly versatile musical backing constructs meet vocals that seamlessly blend into each other although they couldn’t be more different. In a way, ‘War Painted Valentine’ is like an awesome magician’s show. You just don’t get how they do it, but somehow it does work perfectly.

And although I’m the guy talking about music most of the time, I gotta state that the video earned its spot the be recognized as well. With a certain artistic over-the-top style, the message of the song is enhanced through the pictures that make you smile, laugh, think, agree, nod and shake your head, and blow your mind all at once.

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