Umbrella No.9 – We Have to Live Something

It’s time for a really intriguing genre, folks. As if the story just had to be told in a certain eccentric vintage style, the new release of UK based musicians known as Umbrella No.9 transmits the message with an aged and sophisticated undertone.

I really like the concept of the tune. What is created as a slow dancing theme with a certain signature lush undertone, slowly does its thing with both retro-flavored and youthful elements woven in. The song builds a natural atmosphere that delivers with a smile and a twist. Combining both handmade and electronic elements, the track feels authentic and stands as the result of an evolution in music. ‘We Have ToLive Something’ lets you experience the wonders of retro music while not denying the present. The guys of Umbrella No.9 are describing their music as a sort of indie fusion of rock and soul sensibilities. Yep. In my opinion this is pretty accurate.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love this combination. The song is calling for a new genre to be tagged correctly. Since this is a blend of indie rock/pop along slight funky elements and swingy components, I’d say this can be labeled as… Umbrella swingfunk.

Find out more about Umbrella No.9 here:

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