Moon Walker – Disturbed Suburbia

The song is pure awesomeness. So is the music video. In this signature laid back fashion I’d like to call ‘Moonliness’, the guys of LA two-piece band Moon Walker mix ‘retro’ and ‘lush’ into one big bowl of groove and fun. While the backing feels vibey and texture rich, containing an awesome bass line and a smooth vintage rhythm set, the tune creates an atmosphere that feels as if it was refined by life.

The vocals are born to exist is this atmosphere. Telling the story in this awesome soulful way, these vocals are taken from the past to tell the future how things work. You gotta love the fun and groovy way in which the track blooms with extras, from guitar solos to every single “wooo” of the vocals. Everything in this tune exists in this hard-to explain natural way, and once a band manages to blend elements in this rock solid way, the sound is something to feel. And as if this natural flavoured groove cake wasn’t enough, there’s a video coming along that is both fun to watch while at the same time asking questions. Long story short: welcome to disturbed suburbia, folks. This is the home of the sophisticated fun groove.

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