Electric Entourage – You Look So High

There’s just something addictive attached to the newest groove of Electric Entourage. With a smooth combination of guitar melodies along a relaxed rhythm set, some mysterious glowing percussive elements and soft synth lines, this track is designed to feel awesome.

What sounds like Mike Oldfield just decided to jam along to smooth electro, fills the room with a signature styled warmth, and a defensive groove that makes you move, but does add just the right amount of energy to not feel pressing or demanding. ‘You Look So High’ is a real multitalent in my opinion. The sound feels wholesome but unobtrusive, and it has that sparkling excitement attached that builds a very unexpected amount of tension. This way, the track is both a relaxed chillout piece as well as a late night beach dancer.

Long story short, this is the sound to look up to the stars at night. When defensive melodies meet soft synth textures, that’s where music just feels peaceful. This track lets you feel the flow that it was born out of, and it shows that a great track doesn’t need to be filled with dozens of little ‘wow’ moments. In the end, this whole track IS a ‘wow’ moment.

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