Spring Owls – Age the Heart

With a very emotional and almost heavy-hearted approach, the new release of American singer/songwriter Jesse David Lacy, going by the name of Spring Owls, contains a pure and honest vibe that clicked with me right away.

While the backing creates a somewhat lonely and reflective atmosphere, the vocals manage to create this intense captivating feelable story. There’s a certain wisdom woven into the tune, you can feel that this track wasn’t created to just impress the listener, it wants to leave a lasting impression. While soft and understanding lyrics describe going through the final stages of grief, the picture is completed by melodic progressions that both feel comforting and acknowledging the serious emotional states one’s going through. Walking a razor fine line between melancholy and an uplifting vibe, the song perfectly reflects the back and fourth emotional states while carefully charting the map between regret and acceptance. You gotta love this pure and unfiltered honesty the tune transmits.

And if you think that this all might be staged or just a role the singer/songwriter was playing, think again. Lacy has seen it all, and as far as I know, he went all-in with his mindset and his beliefs. Staying true to his craft, he continues to create songs, and he even developed and launched his ethical apparel brand merch store. This, guys, is not someone who plays a role. He absolutely means it.

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