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Matt Artz – Solstice

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, the new release of Matt Artz brings the summer right to your living room. A relaxed groove and a laid back mixture of dreamy synth lines and sultry saxophone melodies create this relaxed vibe the listener is invited to soak in.

In these hectic times, filled with urgent messages, huge problems waiting to be solved, and a recovering economy relying on an effective workforce, it’s songs like ‘Solstice’ that offer remedy after a long hard day. A cure for countering the effects of stress. It doesn’t matter what you are doing while listening, this track builds the listener his or her own personal refuge. And that’s what I love about this tune. It doesn’t just feel soothing and relaxing, it also transmits this calm vibe, like a good friend who’s telling you to take a deep breath. While you enjoy the melodic scenery, the extra percussion and those sparkling rhodes arpeggios paint a starlit night sky at the beach, allowing you to relax. If THAT isn’t soulfood, then what is?

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