Traveler CS – Memento Vivere

It doesn’t happen often that a track tells a story in pictures as detailed as this tune does. Taken off the album ‘Adam’, the track feels as wise and understanding as the earth itself.

Being a conceptual piece about the journey between life and death and a persons thoughts before and during that journey, the track tries to paint a picture for the listener. And this picture is done with a surreal high sense of detail in my opinion. Any nuance happening, from the waveforms in the back, to the percussive elements, to the velocity of the piano tones, everything has a meaning and gives the track credibility. Any changing in form and pattern is significant to the story being told. And as the main theme stays intact, almost anything in the tune is being transformed over time.

Beginning, end. Life, death. Light, darkness. Night, day. It doesn’t really matter which contrast you choose, this song gives any opposing element room to exist. It sees the two things as a unit that has to exist in a blended state. And the music puts this state into a perfect melodic environment. What starts calm, unsure and defensive, evolves into this energetic, distinct environment. Partly exciting, mostly unknown, the listener is taken to the other side which feels completely different, yet somewhat familiar. And everything is surrounded by this distinct crystalline shimmer. I simply love the transposition of these two topics into one bigger scheme.

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Florian Maier

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