Bellavolent – Holding it Down

Los Angeles based independent music artist Fay Blackmore, better known as Bellavolent, created a track that is on a journey. The sound feels like it is moving through time and space. With the used elements in the backing, the track develops a confident, self-aware consciousness, standing its ground against any other music out there in the process.

Backed by playful plucky melodies and intriguing percussion constructs, the soft and emotional vocals build a well-rounded warm tune that knows how to put the groove into your day. While the vocals are covering all bases from vulnerable to sassy, the rhythm set puts an exclamation mark to the energetic output of ‘Holding it Down’.

What I really like about the track besides its unique soft energetic glow is the fact that it’s really versatile in its approach. This track plays great on all occasions, on all venues. Just think of anything where there’s music involved? See? No matter what, this tune just belongs. Due to the universal approach, it is a multitalent everywhere in this world. I really don’t know how the skilled artist Bellavolent did it, but I love that this track connects on all levels.

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