INTERCONTINEN7AL – Albatross Flight

You gotta love the handmade, honest, and down-to-earth character of one of the songs of the new album release of the world-spanning project known as INTERCONTINEN7AL. The general idea was as simple as it was beautiful: using the app BandLab, a group of 22 musicians from all over the world came together to prove music can survive and thrive during the pandemic. Now, if THAT doesn’t show what music itself is capable of, then what does?

With a energetic and youthful drive, the guitars are comforted by a driving rhythm set consisting of several styles with an almost oriental undertone. While listening closely, you really can hear the chemistry building between the musicians who weren’t able to meet, yet connected through their passion. In the process, they created this uplifting peace that seems to be the musical definiton of hope, of perseverance, and of optimism. The instrumental tune has this special ingredient that I’d like to describe as ‘iron-will-rock’. It’s not only a melodic tune merged with an irresistible groove, it’s also a resilient tune that lifts your head up high when you are down. Knowing that whatever happens to the world, music will find its way out there, fills my heart with joy. All in all, ‘Albatross Flight’ is a statement, and a groovy anthem connected to a noble cause.

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