Bianca Hauert – Daneben benehmen

The new release of german singer/songwriter Bianca Hauert probably is one of the most serious covid-themed tunes I heard so far, and one of the most emotional ones as well.

I gotta be honest with you guys, the last year has taken its toll on most of us. We’re exhausted, we’re emotionally drained, and we’re fed up with all of this. Just take a look around what happens in the world right now. And it’s these times that bring out beautiful ballads like ‘Daneben benehmen’. Sometimes we just need this kind of melancholic honesty. A honesty that can be felt even if you’re not fluent in german. The defensive synth and guitar tracks create an atmosphere that feels like a warm blanket while your head hangs low, and the passionate emotional vocals are your guide through this dark and lonely scene.

But there’s more to the soulful ballad of Hauert. There’s also this positive and uplifting element to find in there, the essence of the track circles around the fact that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. While the lyrics are about stepping out of line, party and enjoy life in all facettes, about crossing lines and getting a little crazy, they point out that we will be able to do so. Not today. Not tomorrow. But soon. You can feel this emotional base in what I only can describe as a ‘sunrise vibe’. With a lightweight and minimal approach, this tune is designed to lift your head up as long as it takes for you to see the new day. This is as emotionally intense as it gets.

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