Ink Sticks & Stones – Vaste III

This track is stacked with fine audiovisual nuances to an unreal level. You cannot listen to this the right way except it’s with closed headphones in a quiet environment, and with nothing else to do. I’m serious.

With a very gentle and soft approach, the atmosphere is build very calm, but with a certain base tension happening. While you only can imagine the power of life contained in trees, this track actually makes this power hearable, you can feel the tension that’s not released all at once, but is distributed steadily as the track progresses. With playful melodies, but also a melancholic concept, the tune feels wise and old, the extra percussive and effect engine tracks along dark textures and crisp crackles, make you experience this slow movement, this force that simply cannot be contained, but doesn’t rush anything as well.

While ‘Vaste III’ connects beautiful melodies with pictures in my mind, it also lets me know that in this world, humans are just tiny creatures in a world we don’t understand. I love that the tune is able to just let me exist there, enjoying my surrounding with open eyes while everything is happening as destiny has decided it. This matured sound creates a beautiful scenery which feels like the only places to be.

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Florian Maier

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