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Artemi – Rapid Fire

Playful melodic ideas. A new approach to an old concept. And a ton of curiosity as a producer. Meet Artemi, the finnish producer with the fresh ideas, and listen to “Rapid Fire”, one of his newer tracks.

It all starts with a reverbed well-known synth and a simple pattern, but “Rapid Fire” quickly evolves into an interesting concept of layered sounds following that main melody that really sticks to your head instantly. Some might say that this track needs some fattening up, or that it’s too flat around the edges, but in my opinion that’s not really the case. Sure, for mainstream sources out there it needs rework in form of post-production in the studio, but as far as transmitting the general idea goes, the message is loud and crystal clear. What we have here, guys, is a danceable tune with a certain signature retro vibe and a playful executed arragement – all of those being major stepping stones to get to the net level in establishing a name out there.

What first raised my attention along this track wasn’t a certain WOW-moment in the tracks’ progression, nor was it a well-promoted stylish commercialistic email. (I’m not doing any reviews on those anyway.) No, it was the description that I read after the first seconds of the track, it said: “My first attempt to create an edm song. I know I need to improve a lot.”
Now, in my opinion musicians and producers simply HAVE TO step out of their respective comfort zones to explore new things, to add up to their existing arsenals or to simply shock the world by telling it “here, take THIS!”. Nowadays you won’t find it often that an artist gives you a track on which he/she isn’t absolutely 100% satisfied with, and it takes courage to do so. In the case of Artemi, he often tells in his description that he knows it’s not the best work he ever did, or this track was done very quickly. Not a problem at all. My guess is that he just doesn’t take music so damn seriously. And that, folks, is really a good thing in any musician out there. We all should relax every now and then. In this massive overload of music offered by the big streaming players, I miss the times when guys or girls just uploaded a raw thing to get some feedback, even if it was a 2-minute drunken session recording taken from the backseat of a car. Some of the tracks of Artemi probably are the modern day equivalent to those recordings, who knows. The important thing is: it’s music, and not just that – you all will have to agree with me, this is awesome music.

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