Andrew Southworth – Fire

This is a love story that ends in total tragedy. But the story is told in an unusual energetic fashion that really fascinates me.

With fresh and unique synth patterns, and a base that keeps a perfect balance between energy and emotion, ‘Fire’ tells its story with a fresh and driven vibe. The mix of synth melodies along arpeggiated extras and vocal one-shots create a well-rounded atmosphere. The emotional vocals are really at home in this scenario. There’s a certain feel connected to the vocals that I can only describe as ‘melancholic passion’. At parts, the thoughts are almost thrown out at the listener, as if every dam just broke, releasing the emotions uncontrolled. The intensity of feelings is pictured perfectly with these vocals, because there’s a certain desperation and helplessness blended in with passion and feeling.

While the melodic base is concepted quite linear, there are these seemingly small things happening that make the backing come to live, giving the tune a fresh nowadays’ appeal. Every other second, you can discover a new snippet of sound that injects a fresh moment. That’s probably what I love most about this tune: it’s a contemporary ballad with an emotional story that doesn’t feel just sad, but it makes you feel the intensity as well. In my opinion you cannot just create such a song by writing it down. You have to have the empathy to deliver it like that.

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