Huxley Sun – Waves and Walls

With his new release, Huxley Sun once again delivers this signature fragile and vulnerable vibe. With soft instrument tracks along a soundscaping synth construct, ‘Waves and Walls’ has a ton of feelings included.

There’s a certain loneliness hidden in between the vocals and the high pitched synth melodies. There’s also a certain comfort to find in there, as there are percussive one-shots that feel like single drops of water falling from the sky. There’s this dreamy warm vibe wrapped around the piano tracks, and there’s this exciting synth scratch element that leads to a lightweight and energetic feeling over time. As the track progresses, the sound transforms into something different than how it started. While this track might not be a happy everday tune fitting into any other daily playlist, for me it feels like a journey through the mind. While everything goes peaceful from start to finish, you’re passing several states of mind as the listener. Some things are comforting and relatable, some are strange and borderline discomforting. It’s this unexpected progression that gives the track this mysterious glow, and its irresistible tension and energy.

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