Rosalie – Hologram

What builds in a unique fragile manner, picks up confidence and distinct positivity as it progresses. This, ladies and gentleman, is the new release of Rosalie called ‘Hologram’.

The tune builds a very ‘naked’ atmosphere for me, the minimal elements with the chords happening in a warm room plus the defensive rhythm, prepare the listener for these unique vocals of Rosalie. These are ranging from fragile to confident with every nuance there is, they blend into the half-human, half electro environment perfectly. With the extra vocals being processed in this techy manner, the holographic nature of the message is highlighted in an outstanding manner.

I love that this wasn’t just a quick idea thrown out, there’s thought and work behind every single element. Nothing is a coincidence within the tune. The mix giftwraps everything to a futuristic pop anthem that draws its power from the emotional base of the tune. Although the tune takes its time to deliver with a slow tempo, it will make you move slowly to the beat while singing along the ultra-catchy chorus.

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