innerspace – Dusky Seaside Sparrow

Released just yesterday, this fresh track makes no secret about the fact that it contains a ton of energy right from the start. With an adventurous and energetic base setting, ‘Dusky Seaside Sparrow’ builds a scenery that is musically as rich as the visuals it brings along. What starts with an exciting exploration on a blank canvas, so to speak, evolves into a driving kickass tune. The used elements create an atmosphere that feels very exciting. There are elements in there that feel almost nature-at-dusk-ish, unless you get kicked out of your seat with driving guitars, an extraordinary rhythm construct and distinct melodies.

For me the track is the definition of an energetic intense build-up. Did you REALLY see this coming? I was hoping for the tune to erupt in this manner. I love the excitement building to a boiling point from where there’s no turning back in this crisp and straightforward manner.

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Florian Maier

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