Levy – Seeing Red

In this lush tune, the melodies are feeling like they are floating around like fog in a forest at early sunset. These free and lightweight elements are almost ‘dancing’ around in harmony until they are merged together to an outstanding conglomerate called ‘groove’. While the backing elements are in constant motion, it feels like the vocals are the guiding light in there. Done very honest and determined, yet with a huge backpack filled with soul, those vocals are finding their way through this playful and axciting scenario.

I love when single elements in a song seemingly grow apart just to find together again later, and that what happens on several occasions in ‘Seeing Red’. Let’s call it the ‘Levy vibe’, shall we? Elements that do their thing, just to merge together with the others when the time is right. The song contains a certain kind of laid back drive. Energetic, but not pressing, the track makes you move without being too dominant. This tune is a multi-purpose beauty regarding it’s capability to trigger mood and feel.

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