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Quick Shots #34: Raincity

/ How’s life right now? Are you able to play and create tunes at the moment?
/ Raincity:
With the exception of not being able to perform, we’re all doing well right now. We have had lots of time to songwrite, record, indulge in other interests, and just take care of ourselves. We have been creating a lot of music and hope to build our own home studio soon so that we can rehearse and record even more frequently!

/ 2020 saw he release of ‘Insomnia’ and the EP ‘Raincity’. That is a lot of groove’n’funk for one year, so the bar is set! What’s next?
/ Raincity:
We’ve got a single, “Sweat”, that will be coming very soon, we’re also working on an entirely new album that we’re very excited about! Currently we are working on post production and creating music videos to accompany the album. You can expect about 2-3 singles leading up to the release; we plan to have the album out by the end of the year.

/ Once this whole Covid mess is over, where would be the place to meet you guys off stage? Is there such a thing as the band’s favourite hangout?
/ Raincity:
Guilt n’ Co hands down. They are one of the only spots that is keeping living music going right now, true champions. We are really looking forward to opening for Five Alarm Funk in May at the Capitol Ballroom in Victoria, all going well with Covid that is. We hope to see some safe festivals open up this summer too. For now all we can do is work on projects at home and keep a positive outlook for the future.

Find out more about Raincity here:

‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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