Close-up: May Lavie – Lumen Being

(written by May Lavie)

““Lumen Being” was inspired by everyday life – the corruption you read on the news, the ignorance you see on the street, the lack of empathy you feel while hanging out with people.

I tried to collect some of my insights regarding the society that we have embroidered while trying to understand how I would make a project with those kinds of messages without sounding overly critical. I realized that by using the words of others, I might express more profoundly, and more innovatively my own perspective. Therefore, I decided to sample audio recordings taken from speeches, hearings, etc.

I had spent hours searching for the nicest (and royalty free) recordings, dropped them into my DAW and combined it with my sonic world and ideas. After this process I had taken those arrangements to way more professional producers than me, Shtuby and Benno Handler, and they reproduced it and mixed it.”

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The ‘Close-up’ series contains insight provided by artists about their work.

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