Becoming Young – Reverie

I love that this track delivers not only lightweight positive emotions, but a ton of butterflies as well. The track feels like falling in love all over again. And lets be honest, we ALL know this feeling. If you’re not made of stone, you know exactly what is going on in between those intriguing playful notes and the irresistible rhythm.

For some reason, ‘Reverie’ makes the sun shine. If you ask me, the new release of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brandon Calano aka Becoming Young is not only a love song, but also an ode to life. While the backing feels fresh, with a vibe that makes you slightly move along, it’s the vocals that convince me that the message of the tune is true an dear to the artist. These moments are rare in life, and this track captured this special ‘butterfly feeling’ perfectly. This, guys, is a precious snapshot of love.

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Florian Maier

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