Jacquie Clay – Why Not You?

With a lightweight base theme, the new release of singer/songwriter and musician Jacquie Clay spreads some bitter needed positivity out there. The energetic and straightforward vocals transmit this awesome optimistic vibe while blending with the soft and warm setting.

The core message of ‘Why Not You’ is pretty simple, and this also is reflected in the music. Things don’t always have to be complicated, and the floaty and fun melodies along a basic rhythm with minimal percussive elements do reflect this truth perfectly. While some artists tend to overshoot regarding track constructing, overloading songs with a massive amount of unnecessary tracks to occupy eq bandwidth, Clay decided to keep it direct and crystal clear. I love that the track has a maximised effect without the need of complex rhythm patterns or built-in risers. For me, the sound feels honest and passionate. And call me crazy, but I think I can hear the artist smile while she’s singing this song. It is exactly this optimistic positive view that we all need to hold high during these crazy times.

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Florian Maier

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