Close-up: SVRPoole – Time To Fly

(written by Simona Valentina, SVRPoole)

“‘Time to Fly’ is the very first song I released with Riccardo Poole under our band, SVRPoole. The song first took shape in my previous apartment in Walthamstow, around October 2019, when Riccardo was improvising some scales on his guitar and I heard part of the riff that first inspired the creation of this song. That riff became the beginning sound of the piece, later performed and recorded on piano and guitar by Riccardo, repeating itself a few times during the song.

That evening we repeated the riff a few times and we found the appropriate chords for the song. We did a quick demo recording of it, along with some of my basic singing on it. When Riccardo left my apartment, the song did not leave nor stop playing in my mind and so I decided that it would be one of those sleepless nights that I would dedicate to songwriting. 
At that moment in my life I was going through a painful separation from a long-term relationship, and the feelings that engulfed me most were disappointment and helplessness. However, there was a strong desire in me which was mainly triggered by the wise words of my mother who kept on telling me every day to move on in life, let the time heal my wounds and explore new opportunities. Those words and feelings wrote the main part of the song, which in short talks about the mighty power of time and forgiveness for a past that can no longer be controlled. 
The song also talks about the cycle of love, emphasising the fact that falling in love it’s a very simple act, while healing after a break up takes a lot longer, especially if refusing to let the time heal the “thorn inside your core”. But once you learn to “fly” again and believe that every pain and break up brings a new episode in your life, the sky of opportunities opens up to you. The song ends with this exact idea, giving it a very optimistic trait, like a promising echo that things will find their positive light eventually.

‘Time to Fly’ took its final shape in our home studio, built at the beginning of this year, in lockdown, and it was actually our very first song to be fully recorded, mixed and mastered by ourselves. For that reason we have a very special feeling about it, as it paved the way to all our future music productions. It was released in May this year, all instruments were performed and recorded by Riccardo Poole, lyrics and vocals and backing vocals by myself. The instruments that we wanted to stand out in it are the beautiful piano and guitars, especially the ones in the middle of the song, preparing the composition for a short instrumental solo, just before the introduction of a small change of melody and mood. Also, there are some strings in it, performed on a keyboard, which gives the song a sort of “James Bond” feel to it, along with the slight dramatic sounds of piano and guitars dotted along the way. 

We have also released a Lyrics Video of ‘Time to Fly’ on YouTube and we hope that this can be one of those songs that will help people move on in life, forgive and explore the resourceful “well” of opportunities that this life has to offer.”

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