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tHe Caretaker – Party All Night

He stated in the song description “Please repost if you like this.” Can do! Are you ready to get on your feet and move tonight? All you need is headphones, a volume bar saying “max”, and off we go – this is “Party All Night”, the new hardstyle track of german producer Christof Steinert, better known as tHe Caretaker.

With a melodic slow piano intro, the artist lays the foundation for sleek and distinct male vocals. Until now, this track is a solid pop, maybe edm track, but the Caretaker has something extra special for you in store. With an uplifting synth and an intelligent riser, the german DJ and producer clarifys that he isn’t here to steal the show – in fact, he IS the show. Imagine “Party All Night” on a big dancefloor, the proper lighting and effect chain, along this perfect mixture of vocals, beat and hardstyle typical synths – and you got the whole building moving. And after all, that’s the ultimate goal for any edm producer, right.

For this and another track called “Piece of Love“, Steinert teamed up with Arik Divine who did the lyrics  on these tracks. The chemistry here is outstanding, and that is shown that their music isn’t just several ideas packed together, it’s like the sound merges into a new thing. The new track that tHe Caretaker released shows that this collab work isn’t necessarily bound to be hardstyle, but it rather depends of the mood and feel. It’s obvious that with this collaboration two artists merged into one project, understanding the other one’s intention and lifting their ideas up to another level. This is what collab work is all about, folks. And for that, you gotta love the internet enabling creative minds to connect.

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Florian Maier

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